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New in the neighborhood

This is what I hope will be the first of many posts on my new discoveries. But, I am not a dedicated blogger and it may just be the first and the last.  Without a crystal ball, I am not going to guarantee you anything.

The first item is the Moon Pie.  One of my favorite and lamentably dangerous indulgences.  I am not even talking about the BIG Moon Pies…. or the BIGGER Moon Pies (Double Decker!) No.  Today,  it is the deceptively small, bite-size, mini Moon Pie! GAH!!  Two flavors I caught onto this year were…

Coconut (especially for Mardi Gras)

The dangerous Coconut Mini Moon Pie..

The dangerous Coconut Mini Moon Pie..

and Caramel (Salted no less!)

Joining in the Salted Caramel craze...

Joining in the Salted Caramel craze…


Moving on…Dole has me eating fruit. Again. I stop and start.  Fresh fruit is just an extravagance to me. I don’t know what to do with it when I see it in the store. Never occurs to me to buy it and eat it.

So here comes Dole to the rescue! It’s frozen (so I see it when I grab my frozen dinners) and it is covered in CHOCOLATE.  Enough said, me thinks.

They have strawberries….   and they have bananas with or without almonds

chocolate..and yeah..strawberries.

chocolate..and yeah..strawberries.

chocolate..and again a fruit. This time Bananas.

chocolate..and again a fruit…. This time Bananas.












I’ll end with a desert and coffee. No, a desert with coffee in it. How close to heaven can you get? Bertolli has put one of my favorite deserts in the freezer section and in single serving containers. Ah! I can die happy. 😉

Tiramisu, I love you!  They have other deserts too…but well…I ignore them. LOL!

Food of the Gods. Or it should be.

Food of the Gods. Or it should be.